• Ak-Kim moved its Persulphates plant to Yalova with 10.200 tons/year capacity and new technology.
  • The Company started to produce ESBO product for the PVC sector and Peracetic Acid product for the cleaning industry.
  • Ak-Kim received the NSF certificate, which approves the use of Akualys ultrafiltration module in drinking water.
  • The Company is accepted to Turquality, one of the most prestigious and comprehensive incentive programs in Turkey as of June 2, 2016.


  • Ak-Kim acquired 100% shares of Gizem Frit company.
  • Ultrafiltration project, one of the most significant investments of Ak-Kim has been completed.
  • Capacity increase project is signed for Adwan Chlor Alkali plant previously established by Ak-Kim.
  • Ak-Kim became entitled to obtain ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Inventory and ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System Certificates.
  • Ak-Kim Information Security Management System is put into effect.


  • Betaine Facility became operational.
  • The Adwan Ferric III Chloride facility project was completed.
  • First phase sodiumpersulphate facility was established with an annual capacity of 1.200 tons.
  • Ak-Kim was awarded GRI A level of approval and the LACP award for its 2013 Sustainability Report.
  • Ak-Kim acquired the water treatment chemicals division of Dostel Group at the end of 2014 for Akferal.


  • Ak-Kim and Feralco, the second largest water treatment chemicals and coagulant producer in Europe, joined to establish AKFERAL.
  • Within the scope of the United Nations Global Compact, Ak-Kim successfully issued its Third Communication of Progress in line with the international reporting standards of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the report was granted C-application level approval.
  • The 44th World Chemistry Congress was organized by the Turkish Chemical Society on 11-16 August 2013 in İstanbul, with Ak-Kim as the main sponsor.
  • Ak-Kim was granted the “R&D Center” title by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. With this title, the competence of Ak-Kim R&D has been officially recognized.


  • Ak-Kim established a new storage and logistics center. The Quality Control Lab was modernized. The chlor alkali facility in Algeria (Adwan) was put into operation. A new Engineering and Procurement Service Contract was signed for building a Ferric 3 chloride facility in Algeria. MCAA facility modernization was completed and put into operation.


  • Ak-Kim established a new sodium metabisulphite facility with the capacity of 40,000 tons/year. As a result of R&D operations, more than 80 new products were launched. Ak-Kim R&D Vision, Mission and Strategies were set. The hydrochloric acid production facility in Greece (Kapachim) was completed and delivered.


  • At the “Petkim Quality Day and 45thAnniversary” event, Ak-Kim received “The Best Performing Supplier of 2009” award in “Localization” category. In parallel with the change in the corporate identity, the Company logo was renewed. The new logo as a whole demonstrated the change as well as the dynamic and energetic structure of Ak-Kim whereas its multicolor design symbolized the diverse product range and creativity.


  • Ak-Kim received OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. The Company won Cargill’s Best Supplier award.


  • Ak-Kim established two turnkey chloralkali facilities (Cristal and Jana) in Saudi Arabia.


  • As an indicator of its approach to sustainability and corporate citizenship, Ak-Kim signed the United Nations Global Compact. The Company started to produce concrete admixtures and concluded the engineering and purchasing works of a hydrogen peroxide facility (Sitara) in Pakistan.


  • As another important step in expanding the product range, Ak-Kim Sodium Percarbonate (SPC) facility became operational in November 2006.


  • Ak-Kim started to produce pulp & paper chemicals.


  • Ak-Kim received ISO 14001:1996 Environmental Management System Certification. With its own engineering team and know-how, the Company completed the extension works of a chlor alkali factory (NCI) and established a turnkey chlor alkali facility (JBC) in Jordan.


  • Attaching great importance to technology since its inception, Ak-Kim started to export the know-how generated during its R&D activities.


  • The Company was selected the “Best Supplier of the Year” by Beksa. Ak-Kim Hydrogen Peroxide facility started production.


  • Ak-Kim received ISO 9001:1994 Quality Management System Certification.


  • Ak-Kim undersigned the Responsible Care Program and became one of the first Turkish companies to implement it.


  • Ak-Kim put the Chlor-Alkali Facility into operation in order to include chlorine, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochloride and hydrochloric acid into its product range.


  • Ak-Kim started to produce dimethylformamide.


  • Ak-Kim started to produce methylamines. Aktem Distribution was established for more effective marketing of Ak-Kim products.


  • After operating in Çerkezköy for 5 years, due to changing and developing conditions, the Textile Softeners and Wetting Agents facility was moved to the Textile Auxiliaries (Teksyar) facility built in Yalova in January 1988.


  • Ak-Kim started production of dimethylacetamide (DMAC).


  • Ak-Kim started to produce sodiumthiosulphate and Ferric 3 chloride.


  • Textile Softeners and Wetting Agentsfacility was established and activated in Çerkezköy. Demand from textile factories was met with solid and liquid forms.


  • Ak-Kim started to produce persulphate, which is a very significant chemical for domestic industry, in its Çerkezköy facility.


  • Çerkezköy facility that has a sodium metabisulphite production capacity of 1,100 tons/year started operations in April.


  • Construction of the factory in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone was completed.


  • Ak-Kim Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was established and started production operations with sulphur dioxide. By the end of the year, its production capacity reached 1,000 tons.
Ak-Kim'de SürdürülebilirlikSustainability at Ak-Kim

Ak-Kim Kimya aims to achieve economic growth and improved well-being by protecting the environment and the quality of life of all people around the world. Within this framework, the Company attaches great importance to sustainable development. Therefore, since the day of its establishment, Ak-Kim develops innovative products to offer human and environment-friendly solutions.

 Ak-Kim Corporate Video

Ak-Kim acquires European company

Ak-Kim has acquired Dinox, a German company with an annual revenue of 20 million Euros. "We have finalized the acquisition of Dinox, the vendor of Ak-Kim products in all of Europe. By doing so, we are aiming to be closer to the European market and to our customers," said Onur Kipri, General Manager of Ak-Kim, during a statement he made about the acquisition of Dinox.

Ak-Kim Kimya continues to grow with the acquisition of Gizem Frit

Operating as a subsidiary of Akkök Holding, Ak-Kim Kimya acquired Gizem Frit, one of the world’s leading enamel and ceramic frit producers, in order to extend the spectrum of its production and services.