Engineering & Construction Business Line

Since 1977, Ak-Kim has been producing internationally-recognized inorganic and organic chemicals, textile auxiliaries, paper and water treatment chemicals and construction chemicals.

All of the plants and facilities of Ak-Kim have been designed and built by its own engineering team in accordance with internationally accepted engineering standards and practices. With its know-how and technology, Ak-Kim has been successfully exporting engineering, procurement and construction services to international markets since 2002.

Ak-Kim differentiates from market competition with the following strengths;

  • A strong multidisciplinary engineering team capable of performing basic and detailed engineering
  • Comfortable in delivering across a wide geography
  • We offer flexible execution models from services only to turnkey solutions
  • Being also a succesful operator, we implement our best practices into plant design
  • We provide operation training to Client personnel at our facilities and at plant location during initial period of operation
  • We provide occupational health and safety training

Major Projects Completed:

  • 129,5 MTPD (100% KOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in Jordan - 2004
  • 45 MTPD (100% H2O2 basis) Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Project in Pakistan - 2007
  • 150 MTPD (100% NaOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in KSA - East Coast - 2008
  • 120 MTPD (100% NaOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in KSA - West Coast - 2008
  • 75,75 MTPD (100% NaOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in Algeria - 2012
  • 10 MTPD (100% HCl basis) Hydrochloric Acid Plant Project in Greece - 2012
  • 90 MTPD (40% FeCL3 basis) Ferric Chloride Plant Project in Algeria – 2014
Ak-Kim'de SürdürülebilirlikSustainability at Ak-Kim

Ak-Kim Kimya aims to achieve economic growth and improved well-being by protecting the environment and the quality of life of all people around the world. Within this framework, the Company attaches great importance to sustainable development. Therefore, since the day of its establishment, Ak-Kim develops innovative products to offer human and environment-friendly solutions.

 Ak-Kim Corporate Video

Ak-Kim acquires European company

Ak-Kim has acquired Dinox, a German company with an annual revenue of 20 million Euros. "We have finalized the acquisition of Dinox, the vendor of Ak-Kim products in all of Europe. By doing so, we are aiming to be closer to the European market and to our customers," said Onur Kipri, General Manager of Ak-Kim, during a statement he made about the acquisition of Dinox.

Ak-Kim Kimya continues to grow with the acquisition of Gizem Frit

Operating as a subsidiary of Akkök Holding, Ak-Kim Kimya acquired Gizem Frit, one of the world’s leading enamel and ceramic frit producers, in order to extend the spectrum of its production and services.