Ak-Kim Kimya attends ACHEMA 2015 – Germany’s biggest exhibition

Ak-Kim Kimya, operating within Akkök Holding, attends ACHEMA Fair to be held on 15-19 June 2015 in Germany. As the only Turkish engineering company to attend ACHEMA Fair, Ak-Kim Kimya has so far established turnkey Chlorine Alkali, Hydrogen Peroxide...

Dr. Bernhard Müller appointed as R&D Director of Ak-Kim

Bernhard Müller, PhD, has been appointed as the new R&D Director of Ak-Kim Kimya that operates within Akkök Holding. Assigned to this post as of May 1st, 2015, Dr. Müller previously worked as the Global R&D Vice President at BSN Medical GmbH ...

Ak-Kim Kimya’s Sustainability Report wins the ‘Silver Award’ presented by League of American Communications Professionals (LACP)

Ak-Kim Kimya is awarded by one of the world’s most reputable communication platforms, League of American Communications Professionals, at the 2013-14 Vision Awards/Annual Report Competition. Evaluation of the reports through six criteria brought Ak-K...

Onur Kipri appointed as the new CEO of Ak-Kim

Mr. Onur Kipri has been appointed as the new CEO of Ak-Kim, Turkey’s leading chemicals producer.Ak-Kim has been operating for the last 37 years as a subsidiary of Akkök Group of Companies. Entering the Chemistry Industry in Organik Kimya in 1991 a...

Ak-Kim Kimya Created “No Fear” System to Avoid Holes in Fabrics

Using its know-how in engineering, chemistry and textile processes, Ak-Kim Kimya developed the “No Fear” system which prevents the formation of holes in fabrics during the bleaching process.

Ak-Kim Received “R&D Center” Certification

Turkey’s leading chemical company Ak-Kim applied to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for “R&D Center” certification. The application was approved on October 25th, 2013.

Children of Yalova Came Together at Akkök Children’s Festival

2nd Akkök Children’s Festival was held on October 5th at RaifDinçkök Cultural Center. The Festival enabled children to have a great day with a variety of activities and create a joint artistic work to be exhibited permanently.

With the motto “We change the world of chemistry and the chemistry of the world”, Ak-Kim Kimya Supported the World Chemistry Congress

Turkey’s leading chemical company Ak-Kim Kimya was the main sponsor of the 44th World Chemistry Congress held in İstanbul on 11-16 August 2013.

Nobel Chemistry Laureates in Turkey

44th World Chemistry Congress will be held by the Turkish Chemical Society in İstanbul, with Ak-Kim as the main sponsor.

Ak-Kim Grew 30% in the European Market

Ak-Kim Kimya increased its exports to Europe 30 percent in 2012. Having closed the year with a turnover of USD 144 million, Ak-Kim aims to grow 11 percent in 2013 and double its net sales by 2017.

Ak-Kim'de SürdürülebilirlikSustainability at Ak-Kim

Ak-Kim Kimya aims to achieve economic growth and improved well-being by protecting the environment and the quality of life of all people around the world. Within this framework, the Company attaches great importance to sustainable development. Therefore, since the day of its establishment, Ak-Kim develops innovative products to offer human and environment-friendly solutions.

 Ak-Kim Corporate Video

Ak-Kim acquires European company

Ak-Kim has acquired Dinox, a German company with an annual revenue of 20 million Euros. "We have finalized the acquisition of Dinox, the vendor of Ak-Kim products in all of Europe. By doing so, we are aiming to be closer to the European market and to our customers," said Onur Kipri, General Manager of Ak-Kim, during a statement he made about the acquisition of Dinox.

Ak-Kim Kimya continues to grow with the acquisition of Gizem Frit

Operating as a subsidiary of Akkök Holding, Ak-Kim Kimya acquired Gizem Frit, one of the world’s leading enamel and ceramic frit producers, in order to extend the spectrum of its production and services.