Global Compact

Ak-Kim attaches importance to the idea of sustainable development as this idea leads to offering a livable world to future generations both as individuals and as a corporation. Within the framework of this approach, in 2007 Ak-Kim Kimya signed the “UN Global Compact” initiated by the United Nations to encourage public and private sector institutions to target sustainable development, proving its adoption of practices in line with the 10 basic principles on issues including environment, occupational health, human rights and anti-corruption.

Designed to implement “sustainability” and “corporate responsibility” practices in universally common standards and to achieve global improvements in the issues of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, the Compact has been signed by more than 10,000 corporate participants and stakeholders in over 145 countries.

Global Compact is an innovative corporate responsibility vision created to establish a joint development culture in the business world that is in continuous competition. Initiated with the idea of achieving a “sustainable and extensive global economy”, being a signatory to UNGC is completely voluntary.

Having signed the Compact in 2007, Ak-Kim Kimya annually reports that it adopts practices in conformity with the principles set for issues such as environment, occupational health, human rights and anti-corruption.Ak-Kim’s related practices are assessed in international standards.

As a transparent and sustainable company attaching great importance to sustainable development, Ak-Kim will continue efforts to improve its performance in these standards.

Ak-Kim'de SürdürülebilirlikSustainability at Ak-Kim

Ak-Kim Kimya aims to achieve economic growth and improved well-being by protecting the environment and the quality of life of all people around the world. Within this framework, the Company attaches great importance to sustainable development. Therefore, since the day of its establishment, Ak-Kim develops innovative products to offer human and environment-friendly solutions.

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Ak-Kim acquires European company

Ak-Kim has acquired Dinox, a German company with an annual revenue of 20 million Euros. "We have finalized the acquisition of Dinox, the vendor of Ak-Kim products in all of Europe. By doing so, we are aiming to be closer to the European market and to our customers," said Onur Kipri, General Manager of Ak-Kim, during a statement he made about the acquisition of Dinox.

Ak-Kim Kimya continues to grow with the acquisition of Gizem Frit

Operating as a subsidiary of Akkök Holding, Ak-Kim Kimya acquired Gizem Frit, one of the world’s leading enamel and ceramic frit producers, in order to extend the spectrum of its production and services.