Environmental Policy

We, as Akkim Kimya San. Ve Tic. AŞ, with our mission of adding value to life with chemistry, hereby announce that to make the world a better place to live in;

  • We take all precautions to avoid environmental pollution
  • We continiously improve our processes that have any affect on environment by considering to avoid pollution and protection of environment via sustainability approach
  • We ensure the continuty of our Environment Management System with improving the environmental conciousness of our employees
  • We manage our activities in parallel with our sustainability goals by using resources efficiently in all processes,We contribute to the environmentally responsibilities of our suppliers and customes by cooperating with them.
  • We comply with all legal and other requirements and responsibilities that covers our environmental dimensions.
  • We monitor our green house emissions by selecting and utilizing utilize the equipments having most appropriate technology in order to minimize the emmisions
  • We share and keep our environmental works transparent for review by the society


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