Engineering & Construction Business Line

Since 1977, Ak-Kim has been producing internationally-recognized inorganic and organic chemicals, textile auxiliaries, paper and water treatment chemicals and construction chemicals.

All of the plants and facilities of Ak-Kim have been designed and built by its own engineering team in accordance with internationally accepted engineering standards and practices. With its know-how and technology, Ak-Kim has been successfully exporting engineering, procurement and construction services to international markets since 2002.

Ak-Kim differentiates from market competition with the following strengths;

  • A strong multidisciplinary engineering team capable of performing basic and detailed engineering
  • Comfortable in delivering across a wide geography
  • We offer flexible execution models from services only to turnkey solutions
  • Being also a succesful operator, we implement our best practices into plant design
  • We provide operation training to Client personnel at our facilities and at plant location during initial period of operation
  • We provide occupational health and safety training

Major Projects Completed:

  • 129,5 MTPD (100% KOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in Jordan - 2004
  • 45 MTPD (100% H2O2 basis) Hydrogen Peroxide Plant Project in Pakistan - 2007
  • 150 MTPD (100% NaOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in KSA - East Coast - 2008
  • 120 MTPD (100% NaOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in KSA - West Coast - 2008
  • 75,75 MTPD (100% NaOH basis) Chlor Alkali Plant Project in Algeria - 2012
  • 10 MTPD (100% HCl basis) Hydrochloric Acid Plant Project in Greece - 2012
  • 90 MTPD (40% FeCL3 basis) Ferric Chloride Plant Project in Algeria – 2014