Akkim introduced new integrated solutions and products at Turkchem Chem Show Eurasia 2014

Akkim Kimya introduced its integrated solutions and products at the 6th International Chemicals Industry Group Exhibition – Chem Show Eurasia 2014 held on 16-18 October 2014 at İstanbul Expo Center. The exhibition is recognized as a meeting point of the chemicals industries in Turkey and Eurasia.

Akkim Kimya launched its “No Fear” system last year. Developed after two years of research based upon the company’s engineering, chemistry and textile process know-how, No Fear prevents fabrics from being torn during bleaching process.

No Fear is the first integrated solution in Turkey that is developed by using three disciplines simultaneously. Thanks to No Fear, tearing of fabrics during the bleaching process is prevented.

Major advantages of No Fear system include the improvement of fabric quality through developments in formula and processes, production of fabrics with high added value, increase in capacity, and fabric and deadline advantages by avoiding holes in the process.

Betaine, another new product by Akkim, has also been promoted at the exhibition. Akkim initiated R&D works of Betaine production in 2012 and upon completing this phase in 2013, it launched a 15,000-ton capacity production plant in its Yalova factory. By offering Betaine to the market in 2014, Akkim added personal and homecare products to its portfolio.

Developing tailor-made innovative systems, Akkim Kimya continues to contribute to finding solutions to the problems of a variety of industries and to generate integrated solutions based upon its know-how in engineering, chemicals and industry.