Ak-Kim launched a joint waste recycling project with Taşköprüand Çiftlikköy Municipalities


In order to achieve recovery of solid wastes in the economy, Çiftlikköy Municipality, Taşköprü Municipality, Kabaklı Village, Denizçalı Village, Kılıç Village and Ak-Kim Kimya Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş. launched a joint “Waste Recycling Project”.The project aims to ensure that waste paper, plastics, metals, glass materials, packaging materials and batteries are collected separately from garbage and thus to generate less garbage, to protect the environment, and to recover recyclable wastes. Before the project was launched informative meetings were held in Taşköprü Municipality and Kılıç Village on 30 January 2008 and 31 January 2008 respectively. At these meetings, Ak-Kim’s environmental representative Vedat Ateşoğlu informed the residents on the project.

Within the scope of this project, each house and workplace is provided with bags in 3 different colors. People are asked to sort the mentioned recyclable wastes and collect them in these bags. These are then sealed and left outside houses or workplaces so that municipality workers may collect them. In addition, waste battery boxes and 3-part waste cans are located in various parts of the area. Waste batteries will be sent to licensed institutions for disposal. Recyclable wastes such as paper, plastic, glass and metal will be sold as scrap.