We completed REACH registry of products required to be registered by December 2010


Ak-Kim assigned its representative in Europe, namely DINOX Handels GmbH, located at Brüdertor 3 59494 Soest Germany, as its importer for pre-registration and license procedures of REACH.

Pre-registration of products exported to European Union by Ak-Kim is completed and companies requesting goods for EU will continue their imports operations via DINOX Handels GmbH.

Importers requiring detailed information or pre-registration report may contact Ak-Kim or DINOX.


We have completed pre-registration of all Ak-Kim products exported to EU via DINOX Handels GmbH, our Distributor in EU and “Importer” as defined in REACH, in accordance with the REACH Statute (EC/1907/2006) and we have also assumed to perform final registration for these products.

There are various dates applicable to our products (2010, 2013 and 2018).

We are pleased to inform you that for our products that had to be fully registered by December 1st, 2010, REACH registry has been finalized by DINOX Handels GmbH, as the “IMPORTER” of such products.

Fully registered products are Persulphates, Sulphur Dioxide compounds and Methylamines with an annual tonnage range of over 1000 tons.

Registries scheduled for 2013 and 2018 for other Ak-Kim products will be announced once completed.