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Hydrogen Peroxide

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS %30 %35 %50 %60 %70
Concentration (% m/m) >30 >35 >50 >60 >70
Acidity (% H2SO4) <0,04 <0,04 <0,04 <0,045 <0,045
Stability (%m/m) >97 >97 >97 >97 >97
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid


  • Industry of Textile: As a bleaching agent.
  • Industry of Pulp and Paper: As a bleaching agent.
  • Industry of Chemistry: In oxidation and hydroxylation reaction; also in the production of organic/inorganic peroxy compound like perasetic acid, sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate and calcium peroxide.
  • Industry of Environmental Chemicals: Waste water treatment; as a detoxifying agent and provides dissolved oxygen.
  • Food Processing: Sterilization of packaging of milk, fruit, juices etc.
  • Industry of Pharmaceutical: Topical antiseptic and contact lens cleaner.
  • Industry of Cosmetic: Hair bleaching and dye setting through oxidation.
  • Industry of Mining: Removing poisonous effects of different mines.
  • Industry of Metallurgy: Forming of metallic surface.
  • Industry of Pool Chemical: Water cleaning and recovery.


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