Sodium Bisulphite

Sodium Metabisulphite (Aqueous solution, Type-2) ANALYTICAL METHOD (Solution)
Appearance Light yellow liquid Visual
NaHSO3 36%-38% as NaHSO3 Titrimetric
SO2 content % 22 (m/m)
Density (25 ºC,g/ml) 1,30 - 1,37 Densimeter
Iron content max. 10 ppm Colorimetric
Heavy metals max. 5 ppm (excluding Fe,as Pb) Colorimetric


  • Antichlore in bleaching fibers and mordant in textile
  • Antiseptic in production of cellulose esters
  • Main raw material in production of sodium hydrosulfite
  • Aromatic alcohols and aldehyde
  • Antiseptic in fermentation process
  • Depilator in leather industries
  • Disinfectant in cosmetic and canned industry
  • Various applications in paper, rubber, sugar, galvanoplasty and adhesive industries